Wholesale Restaurant Supplies SEO Case Study

Explore the Impact of SEO Outsourcing with for a Wholesale Restaurant Supplies Company


Discover the impact of SEO Outsourcing with SEO Service Consultants on a UK-based catering and hospitality supplies company specializing in the food service industry. The primary aim was to enhance online visibility, boost organic traffic, and elevate search engine rankings for crucial industry-related keywords.


SEO Strategies

  • Conducted extensive keyword research to pinpoint pertinent terms within the food service industry.
  • Enhanced website content and meta tags to align with targeted keywords, optimizing the site for search engine relevance.
  • Formulated a content marketing strategy, crafting top-tier blog posts tailored to specific keywords to establish industry authority.
  • Undertook a meticulous technical SEO audit, identifying and rectifying issues like broken links, page speed, and mobile responsiveness for an enhanced user experience.
  • Executed a robust link-building strategy to amplify the number of high-quality backlinks, bolstering domain authority and improving search engine rankings.

SEO Results

After implementing the SEO strategy, they saw a significant improvement in its organic traffic and search engine rankings.

  • Organic traffic: Experienced a remarkable 50% increase in organic traffic within the initial 6 months post-implementation.
  • Substantial User Growth: Over a span of 30 months, the user base surged impressively by 90%, escalating from 206,584 to 3,99,318 users.
  • Keyword rankings: Achieved notable enhancements in keyword rankings, securing top 3 positions for critical terms like "glassware suppliers," "bar equipment," and "catering equipment wholesale".
  • Backlinks Boost: Successfully augmented the number of high-quality backlinks by 45%, contributing significantly to improved domain authority and search engine rankings.


The adoption of a holistic SEO strategy, encompassing content optimization, technical SEO refinement, and strategic link-building, resulted in substantial growth. The company not only witnessed a significant upswing in organic traffic but also secured improved search engine rankings, reaching a broader audience and attracting more potential customers to its website.